5 Tips For New Bloggers

Blogging is no longer just a way for people to personally express themselves on the Internet through their writing.  It is now also an avenue to market brands and products and provide information to social media users. Many bloggers are now even making a profit from the increase of traffic to their blogs.  However, in order to achieve financial success as a blogger you must possess time, passion, and dedication.  Below are 5 helpful strategies to increase your traffic blogger hoping to achieve success through writing.

1. Set clear goals& be persistent: Before you even attempt to set up your new blog, write down a list of realistic and achievable goals.  Your immediate focus should not be on the potential financial benefits but rather on reaching the appropriate target market.  Decide on the best way to increase your traffic and how your ideas can be shared throughout the Internet.  It can potentially take 2 – 6 years to attract enough interest that your blog is profitable. Maintain your passion and keep writing, even if success seems so far away.

2. Understand your niche/market: Identifying your target market is important.  However, understanding your market is even more important.  Do not just simply write about a topic, such as fashion.  Instead, identify what those interested in fashion desire to learn.  For example, with today’s economy, people want to be able to sport the latest fashion trends without hurting their bank account.  So instead of just writing about the latest fashion trends, advise how one can achieve those styles on a budget.  Your goal should be to attract loyal readers to your blog, ones who will also promote your blog.

3. Keep your blog short and simple:  People no longer visit blog sites to simply read and  be entertained. In today’s society, people visit blogs for informational purposes. Therefore, they do not want to read a lengthy description about a product or extremely detailed explanation about a topic. You blog posts should only be about 250 – 600 words, and they should be appeal to all levels of readers.  Do not make your blog more complicated than it needs to be, as this will discourage readers.

4. Contribute articles to high traffic blogs: When starting out as a new blogger, you have no credibility or reputation built.  The best way to attract attention to your blog and gain a positive reputation is by contributing your ideas and writing to popular, high traffic blogs.  Do not expect to start your blog and miraculously increase your traffic.  Partner with a seasoned blogger that has similar ideas; therefore, your articles will gain attraction and direct readers to your blog.  Start small and work your way up.

5. Network on social media sites: The most successful bloggers are also social media junkies. If you do not already belong, join social media networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and StumbleUpon. Every time you write a new blog post, market it on social media.  People will click on your blog link out of curiosity so keep your articles engaging to ensure they continue reading.