Facebook’s search ad test is extending to a lot more accounts

Facebook has been testing ads in its search results for over six months, however solely with a select few advertisers. Currently that test is finally increasing.

In December, Facebook gave a small group of automotive and retail advertisers the power to run ads within the platform’s primary search results and Marketplace search results. At the time, a Facebook Product Manager Zpheb Hajiyani said it absolutely was a small test which the corporate would be evaluating if the ads were helpful before increasing the placement option. Many marketers started noticing the search placement choice bringing to light in their accounts this week.

What we all know concerning Facebook search ads to date. Susan Wenograd, vice president of marketing strategy at Aimclear, and Steven Johns, marketing consultant at Door4, said that they saw the search ad placement choice bringing to light in accounts on.

“It appears as a placement item,” said Wenograd, “Interestingly, you can target it as a complete placement. You don’t appear to be needed to focus on the Feed, as well, in order to enable it.”
Johns shared screenshots on Twitter of the choice for both News Feed search ad placements and Marketplace search ads.

When asked if the Search ads were obtaining a broader roll-out to more advertisers, Facebook Product Manager Jason Rudin echoed what the corporate said concerning the ads once it began testing them at the end of last year: “We still test placing ads in Facebook search results and are evaluating whether these ads are helpful for individuals and businesses before deciding whether to roll them out more loosely.”

Who’s eligible and once do the ads show up? Facebook search ads are still restricted to a small group of retail, auto and, now, e-commerce advertisers. The ads will appear in search results for queries deemed to possess a similar commercial intent — advertisers cannot choose keywords or phrases for search ad campaigns.

The ad format is analogous to News Feed ads, and embraces a headline, image and copy text. The ads additionally include a “Sponsored” tag, and merchandise catalog sales, conversions and traffic objectives are supported.

As Facebook’s ad inventory continues to become more saturated, finding new ad placements is a win for both Facebook and advertisers. Having the choice to run ads in Facebook’s search results — both within the News Feed and Marketplace — exposes brand new opportunities, significantly for SMBs and service suppliers that will be able to reach engaged users looking for their services.