Half-naked Instagram influencers at Chernobyl site anger Hull teacher.

A teacher from Hull has hit out at half-naked Instagram stars flocking to the location of nuclear disaster.
Sam Cooke visited the dark tourism site of Pripyat, Ukraine, which was devastated by a nuclear reactor meltdown over 30 years ago.

But, following the critically acclaimed Chernobyl series on Sky Atlantic documenting the disaster, scantily clad Instagram influencers have been criticized for taking sexy selfies at the location.
Snaps of a half-naked woman in a G-string and hazmet suit posing at the disaster site which emerged online recently have received a backlash by many who said the tourist selfies were inappropriate at the scene of such tragedy.

Among those angry is 28-year-old English teacher Mr. Cooke, who wants visitors to bear in mind they should not travel to the location more than twice in a year due to pockets of radiation still prevalent within the area.

He said: “At the end of the day, thousands of people died from the direct results of this nuclear disaster, and for these U.S.A. social media stars to come across here and parade around half-naked at the location is completely unacceptable”.

“It’s disrespectful and not really a place to be stripping off. When I visited in October 2016 i was told I had to dispose of my clothing so wore old clothes”.
“I was also told to wear thick clothes due to radiation and that I couldn’t visit more than once a year because it could have an effect on a lot of things for me personally – including sperm count.”

Despite radiation dropping since the disaster – cited as the worst nuclear power plant accident in history – the entire city was evacuated as of April 21, 1986, leaving it a desolate and eerie place to visit.