5 Tips For New Bloggers

Blogging is no longer just a way for people to personally express themselves on the Internet through their writing.  It is now also an avenue to market brands and products and provide information to social media users. Many bloggers are now even making a profit from the increase of traffic to their blogs.  However, in order to achieve financial success as a blogger you must possess time, passion, and dedication.  Below are 5 helpful strategies to increase your traffic blogger hoping to achieve success through writing.

1. Set clear goals& be persistent: Before you even attempt to set up your new blog, write down a list of realistic and achievable goals.  Your immediate focus should not be on the potential financial benefits but rather on reaching the appropriate target market.  Decide on the best way to increase your traffic and how your ideas can be shared throughout the Internet.  It can potentially take 2 – 6 years to attract enough interest that your blog is profitable. Maintain your passion and keep writing, even if success seems so far away.

2. Understand your niche/market: Identifying your target market is important.  However, understanding your market is even more important.  Do not just simply write about a topic, such as fashion.  Instead, identify what those interested in fashion desire to learn.  For example, with today’s economy, people want to be able to sport the latest fashion trends without hurting their bank account.  So instead of just writing about the latest fashion trends, advise how one can achieve those styles on a budget.  Your goal should be to attract loyal readers to your blog, ones who will also promote your blog.

3. Keep your blog short and simple:  People no longer visit blog sites to simply read and  be entertained. In today’s society, people visit blogs for informational purposes. Therefore, they do not want to read a lengthy description about a product or extremely detailed explanation about a topic. You blog posts should only be about 250 – 600 words, and they should be appeal to all levels of readers.  Do not make your blog more complicated than it needs to be, as this will discourage readers.

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How Does Your Picture in the SERP Affect Your Click Thru Rate (CTR)

Google has been changing its search algorithms all the time. And we have been obediently following the trends in the hopes of becoming the top hit after a search is performed by users. Through the years, we have done techniques such as title optimization, writing compelling posts and meta description optimization aside from keyword optimization. This time around, Google is cooking another new way to improve our click thru rate possibility. And this is by the author’s picture.

In this article, we will discuss just how webmasters will reap benefits when they have a decent profile photo beside their article summary in the results page.

Google Authorship

Your blog will increase the readership and traffic when you associate it with your Google+ plus profile. In doing so, a photo of you will appear as part of the results for viewers to decide whether or not to click on your post. All you need to do is add the Google authorship markup, rel=”author”, in your blog post and then add your site URL to the contributors section in your Google+ page. What happens is that Google will fetch data and credit you as the author of the content posted anywhere on the web for as long as you include that snippet of code.

When users see the photo, they will be more encouraged to click the title hence resulting to one visit count in your blog. Many webmasters have tried experimenting and tracking the analytics. They compared the traffic count when authors don’t link up their pages to the Google+ profile and when they do. What they achieved was an average of 35 percent increase in the views that translate to the number of click thru rate as well.

In addition, they also found out that people are more likely to engage with authors that have pictures as they are seen as real humans rather than those without. Bounce rate drops and there are more minutes that equate for the time on site. This is because they view a blog as lifeless when there is no picture identifying the writer. On the other hand, they tend to trust bloggers who have an authoritative photo uploaded.

But not all photos will have the same result. Some would have negative impact, on the contrary. Possible reasons are when the photo is not defining the blog content or is not of any relevance to the post, when the photo is insulting or irritating the audience and when the photo is containing mature or offensive meaning that distracts the viewer. Usage of company logos or product pictures for the profile photo is also not advisable.

A good practice is to post photos of authors that appear pleasing to the eyes. It is recommended by marketers to put up one that has a red or yellow background in a mug shot to capture the reader’s eyes. If your blog has multiple authors, you can consider hiring a professional photographer or an amateur one that takes good shots to take a picture of your team to get the attraction you deserve. If you have serious blog contents, don’t post a wacky picture of you. Instead, opt for one that shows credibility in your writing and niche.

The next step is to run the test for weeks and months before changing the photo to a better shot. Track the spikes and consider the other things you change in your blog, as it’s not only the picture that contributes to the highs and lows of your click thru rate. Then stick to the picture which best can capture your intended audiences.

Be warned that Google has released an automated “police officer” that is in the lookout for those posting abusive photos or those related to pornography. Google marks them as spam in its report rich snippet spam tool.

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Get Instagram Followers And Increase Your SEO Vitality

Just like other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, Instagram has also become a popular name. If you are too dependent on other online marketing platforms and consider Instagram a waste of time, you are absolutely wrong. There is no doubt about the fact that social media has played a crucial role in the growth and marketing of many businesses.

By sharing interesting and engaging photos through their account on a regular basis, they educate the common public about their existence as well as the new product or service range they have to offer.

Get Instagram followers and establish your Instagram profile that will automatically be associated with other company websites and social media accounts, you will continuously be giving hints to search engines that you are providing enhanced value to social media.

Fortunately, businesses have started to realize that Instagram can greatly help them in their search engine marketing campaigns. For this reason, more and more usage of Instagram is now becoming common for different businesses in order to get Instagram followers.

Facebook’s search ad test is extending to a lot more accounts

Facebook has been testing ads in its search results for over six months, however solely with a select few advertisers. Currently that test is finally increasing.

In December, Facebook gave a small group of automotive and retail advertisers the power to run ads within the platform’s primary search results and Marketplace search results. At the time, a Facebook Product Manager Zpheb Hajiyani said it absolutely was a small test which the corporate would be evaluating if the ads were helpful before increasing the placement option. Many marketers started noticing the search placement choice bringing to light in their accounts this week.

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Half-naked Instagram influencers at Chernobyl site anger Hull teacher.

A teacher from Hull has hit out at half-naked Instagram stars flocking to the location of nuclear disaster.
Sam Cooke visited the dark tourism site of Pripyat, Ukraine, which was devastated by a nuclear reactor meltdown over 30 years ago.

But, following the critically acclaimed Chernobyl series on Sky Atlantic documenting the disaster, scantily clad Instagram influencers have been criticized for taking sexy selfies at the location.
Snaps of a half-naked woman in a G-string and hazmet suit posing at the disaster site which emerged online recently have received a backlash by many who said the tourist selfies were inappropriate at the scene of such tragedy.

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Millions of Instagram influencers had their contact information scraped and exposed.

A massive database containing contact information of millions of Instagram influencers, celebrities and brand accounts has been found online.

The database, hosted by Amazon web Services, was left exposed and without a password allowing anyone to look inside. At the time of writing, the database had over 49 million records — however was growing by the hour.

From a short review of the info, each record contained public information scraped from influencer Instagram accounts, as well as their bio, profile image, the number of followers they have, if they’re verified and their location by city and country, but also contained their personal contact information, such as the Instagram account owner’s email address and telephone number.

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Affiliates program for social media

Affiliate marketing for social media is a popular way to drive sales and generate significant online revenue. Particularly profitable to both brands and affiliate marketers, the new push towards less traditional marketing tactics is worth trying.

Social media has fundamentally changed the way in which affiliate marketers connect with their audience.

Before Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, affiliate marketers mainly focused on SEO, paid ads and list-building to get their connections to relevant traffic.

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Buy 5000 Instagram followers

There are many reasons to splurge out and simply buy your followers. The benefits of being Instagram famous are endless. From free hotel breaks to free event tickets provided you encourage your followers to attend too – all this and more could be yours and all it takes are a few thousand followers! When you set up your online empire you do so with the aim of creating publicity for yourself, building your brand and making the most that you can out of your web pages – and here at FollowersPromotion.com we do the same for your Instagram account! If you have been trying to build up your reputation the slow way then we know how hard that can be.

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Mark Zuckerberg defends Facebook after Christchurch terror attacks were livestreamed

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has defended the company’s actions after terror attacks, including the mosque attacks in Christchurch, were livestreamed on the social media site.
Zuckerberg stressed the company has to work harder to “amplify the good things that people do and to mitigate and remove as much of the negative as possible”, he said in an interview with George Stephanopoulos on ABC News.

Facebook was extremely criticized after the shooting in Christchurch was livestreamed on Facebook and the video was still available on a range of platforms for hours after the event.

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How to go live on TikTok in 2019

TikTok platform is popular worldwide as it permits people to make beautiful videos online. Live streaming is one of the best techniques to stay connected with the fans online. It can also help you get some gifts and donations.

You might be aware of the fact that TikTok/Musical.ly app isn’t only for making lip syncing videos rather it additionally permits users to make some interesting content online. It can be used to send messages, to enjoy live broadcasting as well as to create videos with social media tips and ideas. This platform welcomes a variety of genres as well as acting, dancing, comedy, and drama in addition.

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